Work Related Learning

What is Work Related Learning?

A programme of activities that aims to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the work place:

  • learn through work, by providing opportunities for young people to learn from direct experiences of the workplace and through our 'Outreach Service' working directly in the classroom situation.
  • learn about work, by supporting the curriculum in education and helping young people to achieve their training goals.
  • learn for work, by developing employability skills or skills supporting alternative career paths (for example, through problem-solving, CV development and mock interviews).

Our Work Related Learning Services are run in the north London region. If your enquiry is not addressed here please contact us at

What is the age range for the Work Related Learning (WRL) programme?

The programme is open to disabled young people between the ages of 14 and 26.

How do I go about referring a young person on the programme?

You can download an application / referral form from our website or call the Work Related Learning Manager on 0208 347 8111 or email us at

Do you provide transport?

Yes, Action For Kids has some transport facilities available. If you require transport to access our WRL Services, please contact us on the above number.

Are there any fees?

Where possible we will actively seek funding from statutory sources. In addition we endeavour to secure funding for placements from a variety of sources. However, we do not currently have a fee-paying policy for 'users' of the WRL Service. As a charitable trust we are always very happy to receive donations.

Are you only based in London or have you other offices?

All our services are delivered from our head office in Hornsey, London N8. We currently have no other regional offices.

What do young people do when they come on placement?

The young people taking part in our WRL service are involved in a variety of work-based learning activities: real work is provided in a real workplace, developing work-related skills, taking on individual projects and tasks, assisting on fundraising projects, involvement in presentations and public events, working as part of a team, improving communication skills, working with various IT packages and learning about databases.

We aim to support the development of 'key' skills, support students in completing the work-based learning aspects of school and college courses and to support life and social skills development.

What types of disability do you work with?

We offer our WRL services to young people with a range of learning difficulties and/or disabilities, learning and communication difficulties and to those with visual and hearing impairment. For more information please contact the WRL Manager on 020 8347 8111 or email us on

How long can placements be arranged for?

We have a very flexible approach when arranging placements for young people, ranging from a two-week block placement (generally utilized by those seeking statutory work experience opportunities), a day-release option (offered to those in work based training or on Further Education College courses) through to three-month full-time placements offering support for personal development issues as part of a 'life skills' package.

In addition, our 'Outreach' workshops in the classroom are usually arranged on a one session per week basis for a school term. For more information on our 'Outreach Service' please email us on

Do you need to provide your own Personal Assistant / Carer when on placement?

Each young person's needs are considered and planned for. WRL have a team of Support and Personal Assistants who provide personal and one-to-one support as required.