Susan's story

“I am completely indebted to you as a wonderful life-changing organisation”

Susan outside with her dog in her old wheelchair

Susan in her old wheelchair before she had received a new powered wheelchair from Action For Kids. 

We recently provided Susan with a powered wheelchair to help her regain her independence after a virus in the lining of her heart left her a full time wheelchair user. She describes the first day of being newly mobile:

“I had two letters that needed to be posted. This is normally done by my carers as I have never been able to post a letter on my own in the two and half years that we have lived in the village....small things I have come to accept.

With a small accident in exiting the house – who needs paintwork – I was zooming down the hill into the village. The sunshine was trying to come out from behind the clouds, the birds were singing, the fresh air filling my lungs and my spirit soaring.

A few “Hello’s” and a “Nice to see you out Sue” and I was at the Post Office. Such a simple thing that most people view as a chore was the most amazing thing I had done on my own in years.

I was going to celebrate! So around the corner I went and I was on my way to the farm shop for some sausages! This was a trip I was always going to remember and fresh local sausages were a very good way to celebrate. The simple things in life are often the best!

Thanks to you and your generous supporters I am able to do all the little things that I once used to do and that most people do without even thinking about.

This is the beginning of my new life! YOU, the person reading this, you have honestly improved my life beyond measurement, beyond my expectations.”