Sparking Change

‘Participation is a process where someone influences decisions about their lives and this leads to change’. Treseder (1997)

‘Sparking Change’ is our model of participation practice developed by Colin Blandford, our Participation Co-ordinator. It is based on a number of key principles that have emerged during our three year Lottery funded Participation Project.


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The result is a practical tool kit that can be applied in any organisation or situation using the model to support participation with young people with physical or learning disabilities.

Disabled young people working with staff to make music

This is a unique approach and web tool. It is not about setting a framework of standards for measuring participation, or a limiting set of prescriptive activities, but a practical guide and set of tools and ideas that actually supports real meaningful participation with young disabled people.

It is tried and tested and we know it works.

See the tool kit for yourself on our Sparking Change website.


Project National Lottery funded