Short Breaks

Short Breaks for Disabled Children

Is your son or daughter disabled and aged 14 - 25? Would you like them to meet more young people their age, be active, have lots of fun and accomplish new challenges, while you have a break?

Nirav at Short Breaks

Many parents with disabled children might not know that their kids are eligible to a certain number of social and leisure activities.

Short breaks are a great opportunity for parents to have respite and for the young people to be more social, make friends, be involved in the community and partake in lots of exciting new experiences.

Action For Kids is a charity based in Haringey offering a diverse range of appropriate activities to those in surrounding boroughs. These include: rafting, abseiling, horse riding, martial arts, yoga, zumba, or something creative such as podcasting, film and music making, animation, art, craft or hair and beauty.

To see real progression, Action For Kids’ committed staff listen to the young people and adapt the activities to suit them by creating bespoke and personalised experiences depending on strengths and abilities.

As some disabled youngsters can live quite isolated and protected lives, they aim to push boundaries, promote inclusivity and encourage independence.

One of Action For Kids’ short breaks regulars is Nirav, 19, who has learning difficulties and delayed development. His mum, Meena Shah tells us how Action For Kids’ short breaks programme has helped her and her son.

Having somewhere for Nirav to go to in the holidays, with transport door-to-door, has helped me tremendously. It would be very, very difficult without this service. I would need to find someone else to be with Nirav and it can be hard to arrange for people to help and I can be very tired after work.

Sometimes, children with special needs aren’t exposed to many people so it’s great he can be in a different environment, make friends, be learning and have fun. It can be tough to engage Nirav with certain things but Action For Kids has a range of activities tailored for his needs and he can just get on with it.

Nirav can be very anxious but he is always really willing to go to Action For Kids and enjoys being with all the people there – he absolutely loves them all! He’s always so happy and bubbly when he comes home... He’s already talking about coming next year.

Action For Kids builds the children’s abilities up slowly and helps them in areas where they are not confident. Nirav's been on some big journeys with AFK and I've been quite surprised – he’s done things I never thought he would do like water rafting, horse riding and even going on a zip wire high up in the air!

Nirav was scared and said no to the rafting first and although I tried to encourage him, I really didn't think he would. Then he managed to do it and he was so pleased that he did the task all the way through – I've never seen him that confident. He doesn't even like water!

The zip wire and the horse riding were things Nirav was definitely not keen about but he did both and enjoyed them. He loved being on the horse and grooming it! Now he always asks if there is a horse and chooses it over everything. I was very proud of him when he came home saying he’d done it.

And Nirav was proud of himself for doing something he didn’t think would happen and achieving something new. He’s obviously gained lots more confidence and I can see his communication skills are better too. Thank you Action For Kids.

To find out more about our short breaks programme, contact Sam Holloway:

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