Game Changers

Saheba receiving her new wheelchair

In September, Action For Kids was lucky enough to win a share of money raised by thousands of video game employees for GamesAid.

We couldn't wait to put the hard-earned funds straight to use by providing eight-year-old Saheba Kadir with the wheelchair she urgently needed. Saheba has muscular dystrophy, which causes progress muscle weakness and deterioration over time.

Her sister, Toufa Kadir, said: “Saheba had been waiting for a new chair because she’s very tall for her age and her old one was very tight. When the chair plays up, breaks or isn’t comfortable, Saheba gets really upset and stressed. Thanks to GamesAid and Action For Kids it will make a huge difference to Saheba’s life”

True to their adventurous gaming ways, many fundraisers took on challenges beyond the norm, with one of GamesAid’s trustees, Cat Channon, swimming 12 miles through shark-filled waters from Spain to Africa.

Nintendo DS loving Saheba, who specifically asked for the chair to be a flashy fuchsia pink, said: “I like the chair going up and down and laying back, and I get to keep it until I am 14! It’s bonkers crazy but cool that a person swam through a freezing cold jellyfish shark ocean to raise money for this.”

GamesAid trustee and HotGen’s COO, Terry Haynes, who ran the London Marathon to raise funds, said: “To see the difference the money will make to Saheba and her family is just fantastic. Saheba should be able to live her life like other children and the fact that the wheelchair will give her independence to just get out there and enjoy life is exactly what this is about.”

Action For Kids CEO, Graham Duncan, said: “The great people at GamesAid and all their fundraisers make this possible. On behalf of all the young people we support, thank you."

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