Our Mission, Vision & Values

We want a world where all people living with a disability get to lead the life they choose.

This means a world where everyone living with a disability:
• gets the support, education and training they need;
• lives with dignity and as independently as possible;
• feels part of their community and wider society;
• is understood by all professionals who support them;
• is respected for who they are by a knowledgeable public.


We will transform the understanding of disability, and make sure young people living with a disability get the support they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it.

To achieve this we will:
• involve, inform and empower young people living with a disability;
• provide the best possible tools, education and support;
• champion the rights and interests of people living with a disability;
• share our learning and experience;
• have a skilled and committed workforce.


We have five values that underpin everything we do:

We are passionate
We were formed by someone who was passionate about ensuring a better future for young people with disabilities. That passion is still behind everything we do today.

We are straightforward
We will tell you what we believe to be the truth about disabilities, its causes, effects and interventions. You have the right to know it – even if it is not always what you want to hear.

We are approachable and supportive
We are an open and outward-looking organisation that makes it easy for people with disabilities and their families to seek our help. We build long-term friendships with those we work with.

We are demanding
We won’t stand for situations where people affected by disability do not receive the help, support and understanding they deserve.

We respect and value the individual
We respect you and everyone else we come into contact with – young people we work with, staff, volunteers, visitors, other professionals, our supporters and funders - as individuals with unique contributions to make to our Mission.