Christmas Appeal

Harri with his Power Ranger toys

Christmas is truly a magical time whether it’s spent with family, friends or neighbours, singing carols, enjoying a nice Christmas dinner, or simply watching that favourite Christmas film again – there’s something for everyone!

This is the time of year where children’s dreams can become reality. Action For Kids has supported disabled children and young people across the country for over 20 years, and today nine special kids need your help to make their Christmas wishes come true.

Darcey, Alfie, Harri, Yasmin, Jack, Sophie, Isabelle, Joshua & Lily, aged between three and seven, all desperately need their Christmas wishes to come true this year. Each little one requires a piece of bespoke mobility equipment, but like most equipment for disabled children the cost is huge and something which is often impossible to fund on top of everything else a child needs. The equipment on this Christmas list range in price from £1,300 to well over £3,000.

Take three-year-old Darcey for example. Darcey has Spina Bifida, which means her spine hasn’t formed properly. Darcey even needed to have a splint fitted to help straighten her legs. Walking is extremely difficult for her and mum often pushes her in a wheelchair. A new trike will allow Darcey to gradually strengthen her legs, gain confidence and most importantly have the fun a three-year-old should have!

Alfie has both Cerebral Palsy and Chronic Lung Disease. He needs to be able to take gentle exercise which helps strengthen his muscles and increase his mobility. A trike this Christmas would be perfect for this.

“Alfie gets frustrated, because there’s things he wants to do but simply can’t. He loves to be outside and go to the park with the family – the trike will give him the freedom to finally play with other children.”- Alfie’s mum, Lyndsey.

Harri is just like any other five year old. He loves Power Rangers, computer games and making his friends and family laugh with his contagious smile. Harri is a full-time wheelchair user and needs 24-hour care. His mum Gemma currently struggles to manage both Harri and his little brother Jake. Sometimes Harri has to travel in a separate taxi to school or Jake has to walk as mum cannot push a wheelchair and a buggy. Gemma has applied to Action For Kids for a “tandem buggy” so she can take the boys out together on her own. A simple solution which will make a huge difference.

Yasmin enjoying horse riding

We are also committed to helping Joshua, Sophie, Isabelle, Jack, Yasmin and Lily this Christmas. Your donation will make all the difference to these nine wonderful children and their families this Christmas.

Please do donate today and help us to make this Christmas a wonderful one for Darcey, Alfie, and seven other amazing children!