Millie's story

“Thank you is such a small word for such a massive change to our lives”.

Millie with her new trike

10 year-old Mille has a genetic condition which leaves her with complex and multiple disabilities. She has severe learning disabilities, partial sight and low muscle tone among others.

As you can imagine getting about as a family was incredibly hard and even the shortest of trips were an absolute mission which often ended in tears and tantrums. We provided Millie with a trike which she can ride herself or can be pushed when she tires.

Her mum Alex said:
“Before the trike we hardly ever went for a walk. If we did it would only be after we knew Millie was happy, fed, watered, we took a drink, nappies, a change of clothes and food and ensured we had a set route (say to Nanny’s house) with plenty of stops for her to rest.  Basically it was a lot of effort for what was really a 15 minute walk or so.

Now however, we just say ‘Do you want to cycle to Nanny’s?’ And the excitement and enthusiasm leaps out and we barely have enough time to make sure she has a coat on before we have to run behind her!

It is amazing! We have freedom! I appreciate I must sound over the top but truthfully so much pressure and anxiety has gone from us now as we can now do so much more, we don’t feel trapped!  The trike is the new wheelchair, but one that Millie loves!”