At Action For Kids we believe in the work that we do with children and young people - and our results prove this. 

Read about different disabled children and young people, and how their lives have changed for the better with Action For Kids.

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Social Return On Investment

Social Return On Investment is a methodology initially developed at Harvard University and spearheaded in the UK by the New Economics Foundation. It measures a broad concept of the value achieved by the charities’ work, enabling a meaningful comparison of the social benefits of an organisation with financial ones.  It has been widely adopted by charities and service based organisations throughout the UK.

WRL students cheer for AFK at an awards ceremony

Having used the New Economics Foundation criteria and methodology we are very proud to say that for every £1 spent on our Work Related Learning service the social return on investment is £5.47, meaning that social benefit equivalent to the value of £5.47 was gained. Based on the New Economics Foundation’s criteria this is seen as a huge achievement and represents extremely good value for money to our supporters and funders.

Read the full report and see how we came to these figures.

Work Related Learning - according to the young people

/raffle/Girls_10webOur work helping young people with disabilities “Towards Independence”, constantly shows us that there is real benefit to our young people, and through them to their family and the wider community.

These are some of the amazing positive outcomes that we have discovered, after young people have spent time with Action For Kids on our Work Related Learning programme.

99% of young people at Action For Kids became more independent*
92% became more confident.
82% are interested in further training.
80% made new friends.
99% had fun.
*Say they use skills learned at Action For Kids in their everyday lives.