Guidelines for grant applicants

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from, or on behalf of, any child or young person up to 26 years old, suffering from any physical or mental condition that requires a mobility aid or other equipment that facilitates independence. We are only able to accept applications for equipment which is not normally available from a statutory body.

If under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian must complete the application form on your behalf.

The value of grants given will depend on an assessment of all the relevant information sent to us. You can download the application form or contact us to receive your application form at, or call us on 020 8347 8111.

What can you apply for?

In the last year Action For Kids has supplied buggies, car seats, electric scooters, sports wheelchairs, trikes , walkers, and power packs, and we welcome applications for any of these.


Applications will be considered towards the cost of outdoor powered wheelchairs where these are not provided by statutory bodies. Wheelchairs will usually remain the property of Action For Kids and be provided on a permanent loan basis (we will also cover the cost of maintenance). You, or your guardian, must take responsibility for the insurance of the wheelchair in respect of third party liability. Specialist assessments will be required.

Specialised Mobility Equipment

Grants may be given to help you purchase other mobility equipment for specific purposes. These purposes may be educational, recreational or vocational but must be clearly defined in the application. Specialist assessments will be needed.


How applications can be made

Applications can only be made by completing the form. Any professional assessments, supporting statements/letters, quotations and a recent photograph must be attached to the application form.

Funding policies

Action For Kids will first agree an application and then raise funds for your equipment, normally in its entirety, but we will sometimes ask for a contribution.

We will not normally consider applications for items of equipment where there is a duty on the statutory authorities to provide them.

We will not normally consider applications if the applicant or applicant's family are capable of providing the equipment from their own resources.


Under some circumstances (we explain where in the guidelines), we will require professional assessments, and Action For Kids may need extra information sometimes.

Please note that a clinical appraisal form must be completed by a health professional at the time the assessment is made.

Next steps

If you'd like to discuss an application to Action For Kids please call us on 020 8347 8111, or email

Thank you!