George's story

“George cannot wait to get up to mischief with Harry!”

 Twins Harry and George in their pram together

18 month old George has a very rare condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) a genetic and degenerative muscle disease which affects his movement, posture and breathing.

George’s twin brother Harry is not affected by the condition and as the boys grow steadily older the gap between their abilities becomes more obvious. 

Action For Kids recently purchased a Wizzy Bug powered wheelchair for George which is especially designed with very young children in mind. This will allow George to get around the house independently, play with his brother and get used to being in a wheelchair in a fun way.

The chances are that George will remain a full time wheelchair user for the rest of his life, but the Wizzy Bug will allow him to explore, play and develop at the same rate as his brother so he doesn’t miss out on these crucial early years.