Ben's story

“My favourite day of the week is Monday - except for Friday when we go for a team lunch”

 Ben laughing outside Action For Kids

Back in 1997 Ben arrived on our Work Related Learning programme after being referred by a local college. He excelled – and in 2000 when a full time fundraising administrator position became available we asked him to apply. 12 years later, Ben is an integral part of the team and has many crucial responsibilities.

Ben always looks delighted to be at his desk. The larger the pile of work – the bigger his smile! How many of us can say that?

Ben has Asperger’s Syndrome which is on the Autism Spectrum and means that he finds it very difficult to understand the way people communicate with each other.

It also means that he has certain obsessions – in Ben’s case aeroplanes. He would happily chat about flight paths, air disasters or the latest super passenger jet all day.

He is also brilliant with numbers and inputs data faster than anyone else on the team, with almost zero mistakes, and all with an infectious grin on his face.

Ben could easily transfer the skills he has to another organisation or job role, but luckily for us he chooses to stay at Action For Kids.

He serves as a wonderful example to our other work experience students ...they can see that if they work hard and are able to develop suitable skills then they too may be able to get paid employment Action For Kids or elsewhere.