Accredited Learning

Action For Kids students in the classroomFor many of the disabled young people that come to Action For Kids, a lack of a recognised qualification can cause many obstacles in their lives – putting them at a disadvantage when looking for work, and of course it can often mean that the young people haven’t completed as much of their education as they want to.

Action For Kids have membership with exam board AQA, and deliver AQA Unit Award Scheme courses to the young people that come to our office in North London. These units cover a range of subject areas and our main focus has been delivering courses that develop the young people’s independent living skills, including areas such as money management, domestic skills and food management, transport or looking after yourself.

Having membership to the AQA Unit Award Scheme also means that we can develop our own courses to suit the needs of the young people that may need to develop particular skills for the future.

During term-time the young people study to gain the knowledge and skills to help them become more independent in their own lives. It’s not all hard work though – over the holidays students have the chance to take part in creative courses that they can enjoy, together with the friends that they make at Action For Kids.